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Ojia. Hee.

Me, I'm more Ojif.


wonderful thoughs, James...clarity is extremely important, that "eye of the hurricane" feeling that allows you to perceive everything around you, yet not let it affect you completely...not detachment or ignorance, but acceptance and analysis...

i can feel when i grow attached to something, and i am right now, and i'm making life decisions based on that attachment...i think i'll reconsider, for a while, just for the emotional excercise and perspective if nothing else...thanks


I clicked on you from xanga and came here, a pleasant and fitting writer's paradise for you. Glad to visit your new digs. :-)


I am so very attached...and I seem to keep struggling at it, as if in quicksand. sigh.


Molly directed me to your post after seeing my photo (see link to my name). I appreciate your writing very much.

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