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Jeff McCune

Ahhh, keep the crap pure. I love that. Fact of the matter is that as far as expression goes, you can only put up what you feel you need to say. Whether anyone gets it or not - well, who knows? I have no idea what I'm talking about which I'm prone to do. Thanks for your last comment on my site.


It may be crap? All that matters is that you understand all this crap...if we accept this crap whether for pure entertainment or enlightenment is only a bonus to your understanding of it. I find your crap enlightening and thought provoking so I am kinda happy your full of crap! Love ya James!!!!!!


thanks I like my crap pure too. we seem to have a lot of it going on here right now!


yep, pure crap, well composted, rich stuff ;-)


I must admit at some point i have come to think of this whole xanga thing as crap or in my simple terms "bubble". And then i try to think how i made it here and what was my original reason why i decided to start this and then the whole picture becomes clear again. Each of us have our reasons in making it here, as long as it serves us it is fine...

There was a day when i thought of you as i was on my way to work and i said-i hope james would ignore the flaws that xanga has and then a lot of people would be a lot happier including me but then again i thought i cannot be that selfish... if james is not happy anymore so be it-


and yes a MOMENT is enough :)


pure crap...snort...
you are my koin
you are my kool-aid
you are my salad shooter
you are my sunshine
my only sunshine
you make me happy
when skys are gray...

love you, hames.


that would be KOAN...grrrrr.

Madam H

well, i found this crap as you so eloquently put it to be more sense then most people can think up in their entire lifetime ...

Jusitn Burnett

Crap can be a good thing. I'm constantly surrounded by crap. It makes the rice grow. Crap is a very valuable resource for farmers. Those who write off crap are lacking in perspective.

With the farm variety of crap, there can be little doubt of its identity. It's look and odor loudly proclaims what it is to the world. The human variant of idea-related crap can have an equally pungent odor, though I can't say I've detected it from your writings...

Think of yourself, then, as a generous purveyor of fertilizer. You provide the crap, but it's the job of the rest of us to mix it with our soil and plant some seeds. If we choose just to stand around and hold our noses, well then we have nobody to blame but ourselves if nothing grows :-)

Take care


we miss u at xanga mate! hope u and the family are well!!

Susan Schubert

Please don't squeeze the Charmin...


oh James, you never stop do you?
Always stretching our conciousness! I love it!
You make me think, you make me do, you remind me that what I am living is real, is useful and is...well...crap :-)


Hell, we're ALL fertilizer sooner or later. Might as well try to be good fertilizer, hm? ;-)


Hi. Hum do I understand so as to apply this crap, as you call it in this writing? Frankly, I think I'm gunna have to think on that one for a while.:-)You can get quite deep, but that's all right. Remember I try to keep things simple;-)


oh, it is a release, like crap. good for you, like crapping.


ryn: Of course. That was the point of making the statement, acknowledging that not only have I done it with my own little hatchet, but that it was by God a hell of a lot of work. Now of course, the Catch 22 is to learn how to undo it, which is rather like learning to unattach the sticky spider webs, or maybe it's the same thing as unattaching those spider webs. I'll send reports from the front.


yep great compost for my heart and head.. you just keep on dishing it out hon.


well, I don't think it's crap. And if it really is, it's crap I enjoy reading! :-) I have many times been inspired with what you have written. I enjoy your blogs because they certainly make me think about things I have never thought about before.

So, please, continue on with the crap. It's very enjoyable!


no matter how you slice it, if i can still read and get something from it, then im here.


Whatever the case, the main reason that I come by is because I like you.


James, it seems to be that this is more fertilizer than a pile of crap doing nothing but annoying some and attracting flies.

kArolyn @-}-}-

Like everthing else crap can be good but too much is no good! Like mulching crap into the ground ;just right and you have a good crop of vegetables or beautiful flowers. Too much and the whole thing is burned and dies. Too little nobody cares!


don't take this the wrong way, but i typically like your crap...it's thought provoking crap, soothing crap...overall, very pure crap...i appreciate that...because there is quite a dense minefield of crap out there, and when you come across good clean crap, you gotta enjoy it, and not let that twisted shit get in the way...

oops, i cursed...sorry!


I believe that you have to be in the right place and at the right time in your life to really hear the deeper teaching. I'd been seeking God for many years, but one day it was like a light was turned on in my dark room, and everything became suddenly clear!

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