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hey james,

when they prep the fields for planting cotton, they often spread manure...helps to make for beautiful cotton...

step in the same stuff crossing the field and its just smelly crap on your shoes...

i guess that is my twisted way of agreeing that it is all in the application...



Look, I came by again because I like you. I'm remembering, now, not to look on my Xanga SIR list for you. Consciously, I knew better, but it took me awhile to get my brain in this groove. Wow, there's this bright, new world outside of Xanga. *squinting in the light*


You always have such well-written crap....


Hi James!

I've missed you! I hope things will get more real for all of us who actually do enjoy Xanga. I know I will make the best of it! Hope you are having a great week!

Kira :-)


Another good post for me to mull over. :-D


hey dude, its been a long time,
i searched and searched and found your site agian.
drop me a line. later.


great blog about crap but it made my ass twitch. FYI


Crap has it's place in this lifetime. If only to make us feel foolish and more appreciative of clarity... and toilet paper :-)


Crap is a funny-sounding word to me at the moment. It sounds like one of the words that Chase would just love to say very loudly, over and over!!

Reminds me of the title of a book my friend gave me, "Bullshit or fertilizer". I like your crap, James.


that was totally what I needed to read.


One man's crap is another man's treasure. I'm reminded of the leaves I rake to the curb every fall. A farmer comes and pickes it up and uses it for mulch. For him, my leaves have more value than they do with me.


some of this crap has helped me. i'll just leave it at that....


I just logged in to my site and was greeted with a- Hello Pisces, did you know that your xanga friend James (among others) all use xanga premium? Upgrade now...
For some reason this really hit me in the funny bone and I still can't laughing about it. So I thought that I'd drop by and tell you. :)

P.S.- I love when you spout crap.
XOXOXOX Tracey (Pisces)


Crap to some is a toilet flushing to others.. ah.. shucks.. I love all you write.. sometimes you can be so intense.. No crap to me... and no flushing here either.. keep on the crapping... it does fertilize the mind..
Bright Blessings Chel


I think I've found a fairly stable balance of loving my life, but also accepting the impermanence of that. I need to go working forward to get where I want to get as far as education and personal growth, but I don't discount the joy I can have in the moment, too.

your crap, my crap, their crap. we're all gonna die, right? we all have differet perpectives and ideas. your path is totally not my path, but I respect those who see the world you do. I'm way too physical to deny that part of myself, but hats off to those who can.


Meh. I don't care what you say, James. I know it's all crap.



To answer your question regarding my post, it is a self portrait.

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