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I have friends that I would call negative emotion junkies. They can't live fully unless there is some sort of huge drama in their life. Those kind of people are hard to be around or even call friend because they suck the life right out of you with their constant problems. Great blog!


wow, finally clicking enough xanga links and I found myself here ;)

What a pleasent treat!


negative emotions are like fat in foods...delicious but hellacious to get rid of.



well said.


Not striving to me would be living out my life on the beach in a lounge chair...unfortunately, I'd ahve nowhere to plant my plants...


having control over my inner kingdom of thoughts and feelings...*sigh* The thoughts are one thing (manageable), but the feelings (emotions) are quite another.


I find myself teaching over and over not to fall into the negative of life...even in the negative you can see something brighter to hold onto if you look....but yet i fall into negativity every now and again....it is happening less.

kArolyn @-}-}-

I did n't know there was a rudder on my boat! I've been floating around when I could have steered the ship. What an idiot I am not the see the rudder or know what it was for ... just like me ... @-}-}--


I am glad you try to see yourself.

Susan Schubert

Interesting, but when you work with people that make them thier life's work it wears on you. like second hand smoke, it can kill you.


Yes, being able to bring negative thoughts under control is truly a challenge, but as you said, it is possible if effort is put forth.


negativity brings down the house.


Negative emotions are delicious but destructive. Like junk food.
my doughnuts are both literal and figurative...


O.O...sorry it took so long. I was frisked and run through with the metal detector on my way in :-P

Fantastic stuff. Seriously


hey you
i miss you
and i love you


You got a visit because I simply wandered in. I enjoyed what I read and left a comment :-)




I think my rudder's broken. Must procure a new one.


Ahh.. negativity.. some like to bathe in it, others avoid it like the plague. :-D


j- i see what you mean but i feel that we are naturally non violent but have been programmed otherwise. i feel that we came, we spiritual evolved energies, here to see how we can unprogram a life of bad teachings. that we are naturally moved to love and heal and forgive. i have had an interesting soul-searching week and that is what i just came up with. i am glad i could express that here. thank you.


I've read this post several times, and pondered on it fully. Such truth in that we enjoy negative emotions! I generally consider myself *on the right path* mentally/spiritually/physically, yet do find myself caught up in creating a sort of turmoil of emotions ... actually, *setting myself up* for it. You've left me with much to think about, James. Thank you.


Just what do you mean, "negative emotions"? You got a problem w/that bub?

Oh...speaking of bub...how's BuddyLove? Rub his badboy belly for me, alright?


The energy required to steer that rudder to the postive or negative side is the same. We as a culture are negative, so somehow it seems easier to lean to the negative. Were does that negative energy come from? Would we have expended more negative energy during the hunt, leaving more positive for sitting around the fire roasting and boasting?

William F. House

Wonder what Zenji would have to say about Xanga's outage. ;-)

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