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hmmmm, I've always stayed away from gurus. There are those I listen to, learn from, but I don't think anyone knows how to be me any better... maybe that's arrogant. I shy away from those who think they have all the answers, I have issues with authority I suppose.


I'm with sealkitty.

you really hate me don't you. ;-)


If there's a single human on the planet who's got his head on straight, it's got to be the Dalai Lama. I love that quote.


So... enquiring minds want to know... was something "strange, unexplainable, totally off-center" done to you today??? ROFL! Crazy women!!! You gotta love'em, eh! I know ~I~ do! :-P


I have found those that think they have loads to teach don't have as much as those that think they have nothing to teach


No A/C swamp cooler....landlord thinks it is just as good to run and less $ in energy. They don't work over 100 f


aren't the best guru's the reluctant ones? consider what i mean perhaps a spin on the groucho marx quote, "i wouldn't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member" self-proclaimed gurus therefore are seeking self-gratification...it's guys like you and steve (rajah) that i get a guru vibe from here in blog land ;)


Sometimes a smile and a nod are enough.. so 'smile,' 'nod.'


I think the dalai was on medication like me because I can't remember shit that I did an hour ago.


.. I’ve always thought the teachers or Guru’s that have created the wrinkles in my brain knew what they were doing .. I mean .. the destination is predetermined .. the process perhaps a choice of roadmaps ... and every once and while they put up a road sign for me ... I can only assume they were worried I’d get lost and wouldn’t get there in time ... ( lol .. I’ve been too spending much time on the road lately ) ... take care James .. your friend .. tw


I need a guru :-P


I heard about the man who woke up recently after nineteen years in a coma. I have times when I feel like that. A "new" perspective bubbles to the surface, and I know that somehow, my heart knew it all along, and I've only just become conscious to it. It's a different feeling than just recognizing something as true. It's more like carrying something deep within you until the moment when it can truly impact your life and change you forever.


Hi, I am thankful that the kids have a pool and air conditioning.:-)


I stay away from Gurus who have those "airy fairy" voices...
And hey, it was the Dali Lama who gave the Shih-Tzu to members of the Manchurian Dynasty...he's a-ok in my book!


"knowing comes from not knowing"...

I'd like to say "I know!" But do I? ;)


I agree.. we learn from a variety of people that come our way.. some good some not so good... but we learn non the less... and most of all I believe that we teach by example...
Bright Blessings Chel


Quick question - looked for donabai, couldn't find a reference anywhere. Any suggestions? Thankyou :)
Yeap, the Zojirushi is what I"m thinking of going with at the moment - still have a bit of homework to do though!


I am suspicious of gurus. But then, many I've encountered were the self proclaimed type. The real ones though all the say the same thing--in different ways, but always the same thing. The trick is to hear it.


This came up in conversation yesterday, and I was drawn back here to re read. Essentially, we must all Guru ourselves. It's a metaphysical mind processor. I tried to find a Guru that really spoke to me, and when I did, he was in Venice Beach, and he became my lover.
Imagine my surprise to discover that he was just another man.
Although, heh ... he did show me heaven a few times. ;o)


hey james,

good stuff...not that i'm surprised at that...

in the other wolrd - the tech difficulties are on my end, with the new digital camera images - not xanga for a change...i'm getting them sorted out...maybe this afternoon...



If this posts twice it's because I am keyboard challenged!

Anyway, I had mentioned that I'd like to meet a guru to learn from since I am always surrounded by village idiots!

And you are right about western modern medicine. It's a scary business. I feel like a guinea pig for my local pharmacy. My doc goes to lunch with a company distributor and I get to try all the free meds to see if they work. Ughh. It's tiring.

Hey, have you gone on any bike trips this summer??


I thought you might be interested in this: https://www.dharmaconference.org - it's the Global Dharma Conference, taking place this coming weekend in Edison, NJ. :-)


Wonderful statement by the Dalai Lama...he is so childlike he makes me smile. :-)
Humility is a wonderful quality. True humility, like you said.


what did i do yesterday...?


hmm. looks kind of cool around here.

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