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Transformation isnt difficult to do, it is difficult to realize it has been done until a much later date.


"...it is just as necessary to have others involved in the system which enables us to realize transformation of our being. The people for the latter system are more difficult to find because they are so difficult to recognize."

I must say I have been, and continue to be, blessed in this area.


hmmm... I always feel like I'm changing. It's like water passing over me. Sometimes it's a torrent, sometimes it's a very slow trickle. drip, drip, drip. not always for the best, either, but I feel I am making progress.


I like the idea of changing and becoming aware. It keeps things interesting and fun. :-) Hope you are well!

William F. House

I love change. I find it in my couch all the time.

Dig this crazy TypePad!


hello james, it is good to see you posting once again, even though it is not xanga, i will try to make my way here, take care my friend

Jeff McCune

I thought I wanted to realize the one, once - now I prefer to just watch others. I guess you could say I just gave up trying to push the river.


I constantly swim upstream in this subject, and struggle
with the masses that are around me that piss me off (or simply
bore me to death). I've never thought about their being schools for transformation,
and I suppose there are some...maybe retreat places or something
like that. But I am really against going to school (I'm more of a book person).
Maybe just my day to day observations of the world and myself are enough?
I do have a few people that are on my same wavelength, but finding more of them is
difficult, you're right. Damn you really make me think! Peace.


That quote is wonderful! I completely believe it, too. Things just change too fast to worry ... my "I" is more like a "we." :-)


It's in my mind, that truth is relative & only one perspective. A lie has the ability to alter perspective.
*sigh* just had to get that off my chest!
Puck - the mischievous spirit {*_*}




"But one must be able to realize there is something more to life than what the masses seek."

Oh so very very true...


I went to a New Age church that overused the term "validation" to talk about personal spirituality, but I like its neutrality so much I always use it, and think of the spacey folks from my church.


i'm getting hungry. does that count as change?


hey james,

you are right, you certainly stirred the pot...miss penny got a laugh out of that and quickly pointed out the "other" side of the equation...

i really like this new blog - does it allow you to post pictures? i know it is a beta test, so looking forward to seeing how it develops!


Susan Schubert

I have found that people familiar with the old 'you' usually balk at tranformations. For me that is the uphill battle.


Well... yes it's possible. Hasbro proved that. :-P


I would have liked to know how having children would have changed you and your growth.
I think it has been the greatest metamorph. of mine. Then again I'm only 26, I still have tons to learn.


i call it a process...how timely this is to what i have been going through...
we cannot say this is me...we go through it, each day, each moment...

kArolyn @-}-}-

"I" really like what the "I" in you writes. "I" really do! I am not changing my mind about that ! @-}-}-


I've missed reading you, handsome. And change...is such a good thing. Love, Kira :-)


Interesting concept. It seems to imply that "moods" and "emotions" are different I's. I'll have to think on that awhile...


Wow funny I needed to read this today. Thank you so much James. *hugs*


Oh no, full of Shunryu Suzuki here.


"Transformation is still a good word even if it has been reduced to drivel by the Fad Gurus"...This line spoke to me...For one reason, it takes me to a private post I have that relates to this ...I, for one, struggled with 'changes/changing' for so many years...I now realize it was because of fear...Now, I am much more comfortable with it...and willing to embrace it...Even if I'm not sure if the change is good or bad for me..I've grown enough to realize that "EVERYTHING" is not for my benefit...as much as I would like it to be..LOL...See you soon, RoseMary

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