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always amazing, never ceasing to bring to the table of fellowship such fruits that we all can enjoy


This makes sense to me.


I'm officially bookmarking this page. Since you aren't on Xanga anymore, and with good reason I know, I'm not alerted when you post.

Thank you for taking the word transformation and shedding all the New Age bull. I feel like I have evolved immensely over the last year; Transformation is, perhaps, the most appropriate word to explain this state of flux.

I really like the Suzuki quote. It speaks volumes to me, like an affirmation. I think I'll have to snag it from you, and perhaps post it on my monitor.

Instead of a comment, this is turning into a commentary ... Adieu!


i just wanted to stop and say hi before i took the Weed out to play.

great post as usual O captain, my captain!


it really is a subtle thing. this is why the word is so over used. it takes lengths of time and revolutions to really take place. we all like that exhalted state it stands for. we are only in process.


There is a lot of transformation going on here! Physical and some mental. Bruce goes to doctor again today as his back is not improving. Age is transforming us physically and affecting us mentally. Most of it not positive.
When are you coming in August? The kitchen will be done by then or my transformation may be extremely negative.
Love, Nancy


Lovely to see you again. I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

This looks like a nice place. I'm happy you're checking out different places to blog. I'm sort of tiptoeing my way behind you... checking out what you find. I'm sure that you'll find a good place/one that suits you.

Thanks for taking us along on your journey and transformation.

Be well.


I KNOW I have several people inside me. I used to think I was just one person and I needed to find all the facets of myself and get it together.

I've only recently stopped trying to bring all my "I"'s together and just let myself be me.


Yes, MommaRose is Trouble! With a Capital T! Come "prepared"!!! :-D :-D :-D


Testing something 1-2-3...


Excellent, excellent blog!! I am going to take some time to ponder this. I guess pondering is what I call meditation. Redneck meditation. ;-)

Transformation, on the surface, sounds like self-improvement. But I know inside that it isn't. And it's tied very closely with humility, not self-aggrandizement and achievement.

Thanks for giving me something to sink my teeth into.


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