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wow this is something different. and I'm first to comment. YAY!! I rule!!

Jeff McCune

How come I always seem to run in to you on your way back? I certainly learn something ever time too. Anyhoo, there may be no mind but you know a good one when you see it!


Thank God I was awake by the time I read this. I agree. What I want to know is how you managed to follow that circuitous thought without going insane yourself?? ;-)

kArolyn @-}-}-

Nice you remembered me . I don't have to type in all my info. So you are on your way back.. Tell ME........Oh! Well I will have to go through the looking glass....I miss your art work too ....... @-}-}--


Unlike Carrie, I was not fully awake when I read this.. :-D I am tired.
Yes, it is always good to ask.. not many people do.


I enjoy the lay out of this site. Enjoy the journey on your way back.
Funny how reading you today, it makes me think of what I would have thought reading you 30 years ago......WOW what a difference a life makes!


I 'cracked'...As for this:

"To know the road ahead, ask those coming back."

How does one know exactly who to ask?
What if the road THEY took is different from the road I'm navigating?...What if they ended up in a place I've already been?.. And how can I trust them?...That's a very big issue in my life these days...trusting people...so many people have their own personal agendas...and it's almost impossible for them to step aside of themselves to be there for someone else...Nope, I've traveled many roads these last 50 years...some were pleasant and heart-warming...some were rocky and ass kicking...I think,for now, I'll just use the memories I have of my own journeys... to decide which road I'll take next... Love ya...and don't forget... Next weekend, Rose


I kind of suspect that anybody who has been down the road I'm on wouldn't be coming back the same way they went....


Ouch. Why do I always run into people like this? ;-)


be flexible. in mind, body and spirit. buy cute shoes and breathe.


Back roads. I take as many back roads as I can. And they tend to yield their weight in gold for me.


Hey.. speaking of identity.. there's a girl up there using my name.. and my phrases.

But I'm not panicked yet.

So.. yeah, James.. are you always on the way back? It seems so to me.


You always keep me on my toes with your insights. Thanks!

Susan Schubert

This is just as soothing as a balm for me to read. Thank you!


mmmmmmm...my ego's tired.


Think we may be on our way back from of the insanity of the remodel. Still the kitchen is not done and a lot needs to happen. Getting the paint off all the dishes idiot boy sprayed is going to put me into a bad frame of mind if I do not find my way back in a stronger vein.! {v}


Wow, James. You are a great read. This topic perfectly jives with *where I am* right now.


Very interesting subject. I love thinking about those things, and trying to "get there" in meditation etc. More accurate perhaps - "get HERE". LOL

Sorry I haven't been around. I have missed you. My computer was dead, and I'm using someone elses for now. Hope all is well.


How true about people confusing themselves with the roles they play. That is very limiting.


is "awareness," then, merely a shift in concentration from one's self to those things external?

apparently, a mind is a terrible thing to face.


Sometimes I feel trapped, unable to escape the mind or whatever forces hold me to diSS-ease. I wish I could just refuse it and part from the difficulties, but then what would I learn without the struggle? Some day I'll be whole again. Meanwhile, there are warm loving souls out there, like you and Connie, who do a world of good and wonderous things whether you know it or not. Though they seem simple, and though you might even think unappreciated, believe me.. they are worldly treasures, and at least to me.. very heartfilling whether I have the ability to express it or not. Thank you for being so welcoming, for the time, and presence, and friendship. Love You, Karyn


roles and pigeon-holing can really limit ones potential - it's hard to break the ties that bind.
I am finally old enought to realise that there ARE people experienced enough to tell me what's going to happen next!!!


it is all a dream.

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