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This reminds me of a mantra:
"Whenever my mind becomes attached
or angry,
I shall not act, nor shall I speak.
I shall remain like a piece of wood."
~Indian sage, Santideva
From the book: Tibetan Buddhism from the Ground Up
by Alan Wallace
Thanks for reminding me of this James :-)


GOOD LAWD! How I would love to clear my mind! It is one of the most difficult things for me to do.


This blog holds such soothing words. Reading this reminded me of the peace that is 'there'.


There was a time in my life, when "attachments" were the most important aspects of my life...Then, I found myself in a place when the truth revealed to me that the attachments were "not"...and I was very much alone...I pasted thru that time - but I find it difficult to put myself in that position again...Your post makes me wonder if I emerged as the "Loser" or the "Winner" in this arena...Peace, RoSe


the ability to calm my mind and see what is inside seems to come easier and easier with practice as well as age. But it is still something that I don't do often enough.


Attachments... bittersweet...


Clarity... seldom...


Hmmm... you've snarled me with the word "attachment" today. It's ~really~ bugging me. Really REALLY. It's upsetting me. Thank you. (Sincerely. Being upset can have positive results. It's good to get/be upset sometimes.)


Perhaps you can follow with thoughts on ~detaching~, achieving detachment, ~staying~ detached, not attaching in the first place?


Sorry my blog confused you yesterday. It was a "part two" of the blog before, including response to some of the comments. When you miss something on my site, you are a very blessed man indeed!

Can one love without becoming attached? Is there a difference between being comitted and being attached? Or is attachment a sort of clinging to worries, fears, etc.?

Jeff McCune

My best thoughts arise from stillness. But most of the time I have monkey mind so bad that all I can do is check emails. It's the occasional moments of clarity that make it all seem worthwhile to me. Great blog James.

Susan Schubert

How awful that fear holds back those that could be happier by being still. I've recently had my serenity pierced and am working at healing. Perhaps that is my error, I'm working at it instead of just letting it happen.

Missed you while I was out....


David Klausa

Yes, I am missing utmost clarity today. I took many of Wil's shots forhim. What? Yes, we're going to the art museum.

Wil Carter

Oh he beat me here? In our wide ranging conversations the past couple of days I have referenced you a fair amount, along with various other xangans. This is being an interesting and much needed visit since we're both being teacher and student to each other at the same time.


another great thoughts by james...
hmm.. question? is all of the james/xanga lost somewhere out there.. just curious... i like the PEE episode and a few more..


I wish I could quiet my mind and make it like that pond. Seems that I cannot make it slow down! {v}


My mind is never still... but it's not always chaotic or muddled, either. I can usually keep myself pretty entertained in there.

Shane (Stultiloquent)

Hi there! Last time I tried your link it didn't go anywhere all of a sudden. I have to admit, I like your new digs. Just dropping by to say hi for now. I'll be back though. Been busy, but life gets that way once and a while.

I hope things are going well for you.



There seems to be those for whom stillness is a frightening place, (but are energized by attachement), and those who thrive on it. Whether that is learned or inherent may be more a matter of personality than discipline.


As I get older I have come to realize that attachments to material things are a fleeting thing.. I am finding that having much "Junk" is more controlling in my life then anything else.. I have started to free myself of the "Junk" in my life and appreciate what is truely valuable.. the stillness... the thought.. the wonderment of all.. and the friendships I now cultivate.. friendships I choose to have... Bright Beautiful Blessings Chel


I can clear my mind.
I only wish that when I was thinking, my thoughts seemed clearer.


Attachments - we need substance James, or is all substance illusion?


When Danny and I first got together, I told him that if he told me to pick up cuz we were gonna go live up on a remote mountain-I'd go...once Josh entered the equation though I became attached to him going to a good school, making friends, not being isolated. Maybe when he's grown we'll go find our mountain...
About Maisy and her food-when I'd first open a can she'd eat, after a night in the fridge she'd sniff it but nothing more, so room temperature is how it has to be!


Behooves is one of those words that just ooooozes cool, y'know? It must be said with just a trace of British to it, don't you think?

So...the mind is like a giant Post-it note? Write it down, slap it on something, and hope you remember what it means when you see it again?

Oh and since you asked...it was a hug...she was to remember to give you a hug for me...and to pat Buddy Love.

kArolyn @-}-}-

I'm stuck and I'm not sure if I like it or not! @-}-}-

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