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hmmm, being foolish, being human, same thing perhaps?
I don't mind being human most days. I had a tattoo of the word FOOL on my wrist until recently. I covered it up with a flower.


ooohhh.. I like this comment box better. MUCHO better.


good luck with your beta testing, and thanks for the gift to my day! ;-)


Ah, ha! So glad I found you, James. I don't know if I've ever told you, but some of your posts give me a good punch in the gut ... which I seem to sometimes need. I might have plenty of other stuff to read, though not enough *good* stuff. And so, I will return.


Great ! Here I am ! Just so I know where to go! @-}-}--

Jeff McCune

Oops, I posted below...I meant to post here. Hi.


it's like you're in the witness protection program.... who you hidin' from, anyway?


I FOUND it! Okay, I clicked the Jamesworld.net link in my SIR list, and landed here. I'm really not so clever. ;-)


Laughing at Christopher...clever thought there. I was wondering much the same. I feel like we're all becoming mole people. Or...just playing a giant game of crack the whip and will find ourselves back at our old blog site before we know it.


I like this font....not very fond of change lately....oh well...I'll follow you around anyway. umm...I don't have a URL...darn!


"I tend to find what's good about something and focus on that. Or worse, use it until it becomes unusable and then move on to something else."....

Well, I hope that doesn't apply to our friendship! Guess time will tell.

Our time together is almost here :-)



Human and being foolish seems to go hand in hand. The more I try not to be foolish the more I realize that I am. Is it because I am more aware of my foolhardy behavior or is it because that which I try not to do I do all the more??


Good grief James, more apparant than who you thought you were? I should never read posts at four thirty a.m. Anyway, good luck with the Beta testing.

From Angela


hmm... ur like jamesbond now... eh


shoot, it wants a URL. oh well, no biggie.

This is cool. Very easy to use.

I like that last paragraph. Self discovery enlightens me regularly. You'd think at my age I'd have more of a clue already ;-)


James, I really like this! I heard about Typepad from someone else's site & now that I see it in action here, I'm interested! Glad to hear you're enjoying it so far ... is it an improvement over the old place AND the new place, from your perspective?

(PS took me a minute to figure out the links -- chalk it up to a "duh" moment :-) )


I do find that the longer I am here, the more Xanga sites I want to read. It's a real problem for a netaddict like me. I know when I come to your site that I better have had enough to sleep because your blogs are dense and highly thought provoking. I like the proverb. That is simply put and very powerfui. Thanks.

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