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I've had a fair number of gurus myself but the best yet has been Weed. Often I want to hang her out the window and let the crows peck at her eyes. I think a good guru does that to you.


And, you are a teacher as well. :)




I'm still "stuck" on Transformations. I am changing all the time. Okay, it is rare that I change the way I hoped to. "With all that transcending, there was little room for appreciating ones talents."


I see you in a guru-like way sometimes ... your words always make me think, and that's very educational. :-)

Jeff McCune

I'm going to start calling you the digital guru


I agree with humility being childlike.:-)


James you blow my mind. This is a great blog! ~You~ are full of wisdom I hope you realize that. {V]

William F. House

Cheryl beat me to it - what she said.


"Imagined themselves to be spiritual teachers" - now ain't that the truth. I've met a few of those myself, and they usually prove to teach by counter-example.

The Dalai Lama quote made me grin, wide. Now there's someone I'd love to meet.

kArolyn @-}-}-

I like what the Dalai Lamma said!


James, you are a hottie who is very very wise. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and as always, you give me more and more to think about! Love, Kira


It's true that life is a process. I never thought of that. A journey perhaps, but not a process. Start at one point and get to another. It's a lot more complicated than that of course, but it does make sense. It would be nice if lives came with recipes or handbooks for the learning impaired. Then I guess it wouldn't be so much fun, though.

Thanks James, you always inspire me.


You know James...I don't comment on your entries all that often but not for lack of interest. I'm simply soaking it up.
You've hit upon it my lost friend. I might be playing a bit loose with the quote but I think you've defined wisdom in the realization of knowing how little it is you know.

You know? Yeah.


i think i once blogged:
life, its the ride, not the destination.. or something like that. but im no guru i'm more of a kang guru :~)

"I choose a block of marble and chop off whatever I don’t need."
- Rodin (1840-1917), when asked how he managed to make his remarkable statues


do you have ANY idea how long it took me to figure out what GURUS said? For the love of....gah...

Hey? Your visitor this weekend has implicit instructions from me for you. I advise you to follow them.

oh and james? have a hella good time!!


You should come and study under me once :-P


Digital guru...~very~ catchy.
I have to agree with others here, you inspire me also. I can relate to so much of this. Reading or listening to so many gurus and remembering bits and pieces from them. My life is like a giant guru quilt!


We all have the potential to be gurus. Some of us use it, some of us don't.

Have a great time with your friend this week-end. I called off the clouds.


You said it on my site about the kitchen progress. I need to remind myself that life is a process...too slow down and enjoy it more...worry less about things I cannot change..enjoy the now as tomorrow is rapidly approaching. Now is all that really is. Love that you always keep me grounded and open! Thanks my friend!


After reading this, you're going to love my latest essay for the August issue of SaucyVox. (naw, it isn't a shameless plug ...)
It's been an interesting journey, watching your process.
~The Misfit

Justin Burnett

Humility is very important. I also agree with the thought that the quality of being childlike is worth cherishing. If not, then a big chunk of my personality is going to turn out to be redundant... I've never allowed myself to give up my childlike aspects, though to my dismay some of them have dulled a little. They need constant practice and exercise, just like children.

Today, the weather is thunder and lightning. I love that this gives me great pleasure. I don't want to be the adult who doesn't notice the weather except when it's inconvenient. I want to keep taking joy in what most adults just don't see any more. We focus on the big picture at the expense of all the subtleties and nuances which are the picture's real value.

Now being chilish, that's an entirely different matter. Far too many adults never let go of their childishness. In fact, our society cherishes these attributes as commendable - self-interest, acquisitiveness, moral neutrality...


As for gurus you've never met in the flesh... I dunno. I think sometimes people put too much emphasis on the flesh. The life of the spirit is the more important of the two. Spiritual matters can be conveyed though words more easily perhaps than the flesh (although I hear that cybersex is flouishing...)

Anyhow, I'm rambling...

Take care


yes it is a process...i said that. hard if u choose it to be. simple if you will it. what you become only you can tell, by your choice...
i wish i have the will to choose to be happy. help me james


Yep - sometimes, Ignorance is Bliss.
LuckyStars/Marian told me to do something to you this weekend..But for the life of me, I can't remember. If I should do something that appears strange, unexplainable, totally off-center...Then that will be what she told me to do...LOL...Yeah, well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it ~smile~



the best teachers are the ones that know one day they will passed by the student. that goes for parents too. there is no one, there is all.

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