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Susan Schubert


Jeff McCune

Hi James, glad to see you're testing Type Pad. Very interesting since they're the same folks that developed the software I'm using. Type pad is supposed to be easier to use I guess. Well anyway, I don't know anything about balancing karma but I'm an expert at paying that debt. Hope yours balances.


Being Beta tested doesn't involve rubber gloves and ky jelly, does it? I dunno, James. You're becoming a difficult man to keep up with.


I wouldn't do a very good job at beta testing as I don't know more about computers than how to get on line, email and comment at xanga ;-)


Hello again James. I found you again! I was reading Nanny's site, and there you were. I hope you don't mind my visiting you in your new *home.* Wonderful entry. Thank you again, so much, for sharing.

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