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It makes me wonder what mind really is. It feels, at least now, like an abandoned child's concrete playground. The wind whistling, dust blowing, and only one huge heap of junk collecting in a corner, or maybe around a protruding pole. I'd really like to pretty it up and get the kids back out to play.

Christopher Miller

i think my mind is a ghost town....


ugh...I've been my mind lately and my head truly hurts.
If I can just distract myself for a little while it seems I can
get out of my mind, which really doens't make sense,
because ~then~ I am really using my mind :-P

Susan Schubert

The mind is at the same time I've found to be incredibly strong and weak as a newborn. It is an amazing thing.


"There's little in life more dangerous than a mind which considers itself important"

oh so painfully true...
thank you ever so much for the reminder. how often are you a gauge for my edges? more often than anyone knows.


when my head gets in the way i breathe alot more. i dont mind my mind, i am just really trying to learn not to take it so seriously.
nice web log, j!


if you're not in your mind, just whose mind are you inhabiting?
The junk blowing thru a field? That would be my mind of late. Cluttered, oh yes. Getting close to time to take out the trash though. That might help.


The mind is a terrible thing to waste...it is a good thing I don't have much to waste :-D


I'm reading Awakening the Buddha Within these days. Haven't delved into Buddhism much before, and although I'm finding it fascinating, and compelling, I'm not sure yet whether it's something I want to incorporate into my spiritual life. Maybe. The jury's still out. I'll keep reading.
Normally I do these things in layers, and it may just be that I haven't gotten to the layer that deals with this aspect yet. Dare I say "Stay tuned"?

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